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Maureen Kolhoff  is a 24-year-old artist from the Netherlands.. When she was a child, she liked to participate with drawing competitions and being creative. Since High-School she knew that the only thing she want to do in her life is making art.


The last three years (2017 – 2019) Maureen studied at the Edinburgh Atelier of Fine art (EAFA) in Edinburgh, Schotland. In school she learned how to draw and paint in the classical way. Here her love for painting still lifes in oil was born.

Besides drawing Maureen also makes street art and mural paintings. The great thing about street art, Maureen thinks, is that you can work  big, that it is accessible art, because it is made in public space and the interaction with people while you are working.


Maureen hopes to make the world a bit more beautiful and colorful with her work.